Solar Energy will reduce or eliminate your monthly electric bill, improve business sustainability, reduce your environmental impact, plus it is an investment that actually shows returns. The question is, "Why haven't you invested in Solar Energy already?"

At Mohrfeld Electric we take a two point approach to making your home, business, or industry truly energy efficient. The first step is to reduce your building's energy consumption with energy efficient products such as LED lighting. LED lighting features lower energy usage, lower maintenance costs, longer warranties, and a better quality of light. The second step is to reduce or eliminate your monthly electric bill through solar energy. Making the investment in solar energy is more buyer friendly than ever with state and local tax credits. After tax incentives, we see an average four to seven year return on investments, depending on your system size and current energy cost.

There are many startup companies jumping into the solar energy world from solar panel manufacturers to installers. No one wants an amateur installer or cut-rate panel integrated into their electrical system. Quality products and service are number one at Mohrfeld Electric. We only install solar panels with a proven track record. Anyone can include a 25 year "warranty", few have the history to stand behind it. You can also rest assured our licensed electricians are meeting current codes and providing a complete turnkey installation that will not jeopardize the safety or performance of your electrical system.

Are you ready to stop paying your monthly electric bill? Call us today! In just 20 minutes we can figure your return on investment and provide you with a plan to make you truly energy efficient.




Go Green. We've all heard of the movement. And at Mohrfeld Electric Inc., we strive to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies to take these green ideologies and put them into practice. Our team has design-build and value engineering experience to allow us to look over a project and eliminate energy inefficiencies and streamline processes. We also have knowledge and experience with many types of LED fixtures, allowing us to create a plan for you that will provide the same or better lighting coverage with a fraction of the wattage, lowering electrical usage and costs.

  • LED technologies and retrofits
  • Streamline inefficiencies
  • Design build and value engineering
  • Commercial, residential, industrial