Low Voltage



The paper-pushing ways of yesterday have evolved into a paperless cloud of communications. Don’t let yourself or your business get left behind. Mohrfeld Electric Inc.’s Communications Division is focused on providing the cabling and quality connections needed to move with the high speed of today's information.

  • Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6a Cabling

  • Fiber Optics

  • Telephonony

  • Quality Cabling and Connections

  • Wireless Solutions

  • Testing

  • Building Automation

Today’s electronic age comes with an overabundance of cables, cords, wires and remote controls. Simplify. Let Mohrfeld Electric Inc.’s Communication Division configure a building automation system for your home or business and put your home or business to work for you. 

Door Access & Surveillance

With break-ins, vandalism, and other crimes always on the rise, security is vital to any home or business. Work with Mohrfeld Electric Inc’s Communications Division to find the right combination of products to make sure  you’re safe, comfortable and protected. 

Door Access
Forget about fumbling for the right key and control access to your home or business with electronic locks, card readers or biometrics. Track entry dates, control access areas for different users, quickly deactivate lost or stolen cards, and easily set and activate emergency lockdown settings. Protecting yourself or your business has never been easier.

Huge technological advancements have created a new generation of easy-to-use camera and surveillance options that offer economical and logical protection for your home or business. Digitally record one or multiple cameras to keep an eye on integral areas of your home or business, then monitor cameras from your home PC or smartphone. Camera systems are also able to fully integrate with any current or new building automation system.