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Solar Energy, the investment that actually returns. Not only will solar reduce or eliminate your monthly electric bill, it will improve business sustainability and reduce your environmental impact. The question is, "Why haven't you invested in Solar Energy already?"

Making the investment in solar energy is more buyer friendly than ever with state and local tax credits. After tax incentives, we see an average four to seven year return on investments, depending on your system size and current energy cost.

There are many start-up companies jumping into the solar energy world from solar panel manufacturers to installers. No one wants an amateur installer or cut-rate panel integrated into their electrical system. Quality products and service are our number one priority at Mohrfeld Electric Inc.  We only install solar panels with a proven track record. Anyone can include a 25 year "warranty", few have the history to stand behind it. You can be rest assured our licensed electricians are meeting current codes and providing a complete turnkey installation that will not jeopardize the safety or performance of your electrical system.

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